People and Places: Part Two

About two and a half months ago I made a big decision. I chose to leave behind all that I had come to know and love on the beautiful island of Maui, for a blank canvas in a cold, rainy city.

Six weeks a Seattle resident, I continue to experience the occasional “OH SHIT” moment, where I ask myself, “what did I just do?”image

Until the minute I parted ways with that little rock in the middle of the Pacific, my mental, emotional and physical capacities were largely reserved for empathizing with brides, securing signed contracts, and creating event orders.

So much so, it was not until three weeks post bidding aloha, as I sat on the floor of my empty lower Queen Anne apartment, that I allowed myself to fully process the events of the preceding nineteen months.

A moment was all it took for me to burst into tears as I thought of the amazing friends I had left behind.

I learned and grew on countless levels during my brief time on Maui. And just when I had deemed myself comfortable, I uprooted, a wiser, stronger version of the girl who’d arrived in October of 2013.

Seattle makes the fifth city I’ve called home in six years time.

Over the course of these experiences, I’ve found the challenges and excitement that accompany constant change somehow soothe me. I quite enjoy uncovering new facets of my personality, being immersed in different cultures, utilizing foreign modes of transportation, acquiring a taste for varying delicacies, nurturing new relationships while being tasked with maintaining the existing ones, expanding my mind, and continually searching for ways to better myself as an individual.

As I close one chapter and embark upon the next, I remind myself to be grateful. Grateful to have loved, to have lived firsthand, and to forever keep the memories and friends close to my heart; no matter how far I may geographically stray.

I suppose someday, one place may influence me to throw down the anchor and make “home” something more permanent. Until then, I quite enjoy writing the chapters, accumulating the characters and seeking inspiration from the storylines, in this novel that is my life.