Three Things I’ve Learned From Three People In Three Years

Today is my three-year-anniversary.

Not with a boyfriend.  Not with a job.  Not with the city I live in.

Three years ago today, I took to the keyboard and wrote something in this blog.

It only seems appropriate, on this three year anniversary, that I recall three things I’ve learned, from three amazing people, in three incredible years (whether they have realized it or not).

1. Put Yourself Out There

Randy, and the coupon theory: you get what you give.  Making yourself vulnerable is absolutely terrifying, no doubt. However, forever wondering is far more painful than could be any perceived failure or rejection; this I am sure of.

2. Do What You Want

Shelly said it to me – two years ago; she had quit her job, because it was preventing her from doing just that.  For twenty-four months since, those four words have been resting inside my skull, subconsciously empowering me to leave, to travel, to learn something new, to be around people when I wanted the company, and to be alone when I didn’t.

3. Be Authentic

I was sitting in a meeting with Leslie about a week ago.  She made a statement that resonated with me, “we take our shoes with us when we go”.  I instantly fell in love with it, and tossed the words around for seven days before determining just why: an urge to refrain from measuring ourselves against others; a screaming advocate for authenticity.

I guess all three of them are really saying the same thing.  And I guess what they’re saying can be summed up quite simply by my friend Mr. Seuss:

“Be who you are and say what you feel; because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”