The Difference A Year Makes: Part III


As I look back,  I choose to define it by a series of seemingly insignificant moments. Episodes of contemplation, when I could think of a million reasons why not, but ultimately chose to listen to the little voice in my head.  The one that said, “just do it”.

Learning to snowboard – though, battered, bruised, assaulted by the lift, and (feeling) nearly frostbitten.

Running 13.1 miles – all the while carrying the subtle remains from a week of wine-binging in the Napa Valley.

Booking a flight to Europe, three weeks out – when it seemed completely irrational.

Boarding that flight – despite the fact that our destination city was entirely locked down.

Watching my brother play soccer in Colorado – when I should’ve been at work in Seattle, tending to the needs of my client.

Packing an overnight bag for Rebekah’s Mount Baker cabin – instead of packing my entire apartment.

Speaking my mind, sharing how I feel, standing up for what I believe; with friends, with colleagues, with family – even when I feared the outcome.

In essence, 2016 was about understanding that “life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next” (Radner).

Because, as my friend Kellie so kindly reminded me, just days ago, “all we have is now”.boots